Vedic Meditation

What is it?
From an ancient knowledge base, Vedic meditation is specifically designed for ‘householders’: people with full lives, who have busy jobs and families. It is a simple, effortless and natural technique, that takes just 20 mins twice a day.

Vedic meditation comes from an oral tradition and uses a mantra, that is thought silently inside. The mantras are sounds perfectly designed to suit your physiology and enable your mind and body to rest deeply.

It is an easy, effortless practice that you can do any where it is comfortable and safe to close your eyes. No chanting, bead wearing or incense is required! It is not a religious practice, and nothing in your life needs to change for you to learn Vedic meditation.

Why should I learn?
Scienific studies have shown that meditation reduces stress, blood pressure, anxiety, and even reverses the signs of ageing. This technique of using the mantra takes the mind below the surface of everyday busy thinking, and allows your body to rest deeply, twice as deep as sleep. This allows your body to naturally relax, restore, and rejuvenate by cleaning out years of accumulated stress.

A study by Blue Cross insurance in America found that meditators, of any age, went to the doctors half as often as non-meditators. My experience of long term meditators is that they laugh a lot!

How do I learn?
It is EASY!
All it takes to learn is some curiosity, a willingness to follow a few simple instructions

We will be meeting on the 2nd wednessday of every month £5 entry 7 till 9pm