There’s nothing more important to me than family and friends. This has always been and always will be at the heart of the business.  Here’s a little bit about my family tat will help you piece together How we work and even the meaning behind our logo.

Marie (my Nan)

I spent a lot of time at my Nans house when I was younger. I have so many fond memories of her often revolving around her in the kitchen or round the table. And on occasions in the garden with what I used to think was the biggest rhubarb plant in the world. The tea room is based on my memories with her down to the decor. The way we cut our bread and make our own produce.
Marie was the proud mother of 7 children.


Debbie and her partner Nigel along with her children supported the opening of the tea room right from the start with helping to arrange the fitting of a kitchen and purchasing teapots and helping and working in the tea room itself.


Bev and her partner had given me a lot of advise and help setting up and opening the tea room. With her daughter playing interior designer along with me. I think we pulled it off!!!


Mark has been in the food industry for as long as I can remember. He took the time out to come down and help us come up with the menu we have today.


Graham happens to be my father and one of the best carpenters around and although ill at the time of opening the tea room. He has always been there offering support guidance ensuring the tea room goes from strength to strength. And even overseeing and completing some work for me. I have my dad to thank for my ambition and drive.


Derik has always been the business head of the family. His always willing to offer support and guidance where needed.


Although I never met Ken before he passed I’ve heard so much about him. Amongst the memories of my nan were the two drawings of several birds that Ken had drew and hang proudly on my nans kitchen. This is why you can see a bird in our logo.

Graham (me)

And then there’s me. I can’t take the credit for this tea room as it would be here of I wouldn’t of been in the position to without my family or a couple of my close friends that supported me from day one whether it was laying the floor or dealing with me when things didn’t go to plan.
I’ve always enjoyed baking anything creative altough  most of my working history has been in childcare and within scouts another thing that’s shaped who I’ve become.


And then there’s Greg. He might not be family but has helped and supported the tea room right from the start. He walked into an empty shell and asked if I was mad. And yet he spent so many long days and nights turning the shell into the tea room you see today.  Even his proud of what we have achieved.


So that’s us. A family (and friends) created and now run the Tea Room. Now you know more about us we would love to meet you. Come by for a visit, even if its just a chat.