Standard Sandwich Platter £18
Six Rounds of Sandwiches on Assorted Breads To Include:
Cheddar Cheese with Tomato or Chutney
Wiltshire Ham With Tomato or Wholegrain Mustard
Egg Mayonnaise With Cucumber or Cress
Tuna Mayonnaise With Cucumber or Lettuce

Luxury Sandwich Platter £21
Six Rounds Of Sandwiches on Assorted Breads To Include:
Brie and Cranberry With Rocket
Prawns With Rose Marie Sauce
Hummus with Red Pepper & Baby Spinach
Cumberland Sausage and With Onion Relish
Coronation Chicken With Rocket
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese And Cucumber

Savoury Platter £35 (if 50/50 £19)
Mini Lincolnshire Sausages Glazed With Wholegrain Mustard & Honey
Garlic & Herb Breaded Chicken Goujons With Lemon Mayonnaise
Freshly baked cheese and onion rolls

Oriental platter £39.95 (if 50/50 £22)
A tasty selection of Indian and Chinese bites including Bhajis, Pakoras, Samosas, Spring Rolls, Prawn Toast with sauces

Antipasti platter £39.95 (if 50/50 £22)
A colourful & delicious Italian selection of Peppered Salami, Chorizo, Prosciutto, Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Marinated Olives, Garlic & Herb Mushrooms, sliced Mozzarella, Artichokes, Roasted Red Peppers & chillies

Crudités platter £22 (if 50/50 £12)
A variety of freshly prepared crunchy vegetables; Carrot, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Celery and Peppers served with Hummus.

Cheese platter £39.95 (if 50/50 £22)
A selection of popular cheeses; Cheddar, Stilton, Mexican Chilli, Cheese with Chive and Onion and Wensleydale with Cranberries. Served with Pickled Onions, Gherkins, Stuffed Olives butter and biscuits

Cold meat platter £39.95 (if 50/50 £22)
A selection of hand carved roast meats Chicken, ham and beef

Bread platter £17 (if 50/50 £9)
A selection of speciality breads and butter

Fruit platter £29 (if 50/50 £17)
A beautiful and colourful platter, Fruit Kebabs with Blueberries, Grapes, Kiwi, Melon, Pineapple and Strawberries. Slices of Melon served with Crème Fraiche.

Cookies and Danish platter £16 (if 50/50 £9)
A variety of Cookies and Mini Danish.

Cakes platter small £17 (if 50/50 £8)
A selection of 6 slices of cake from our tea room

Cakes platter Large £27
A selection of 12 slices of cake from our tea room

Profiterole roll platter £26 (if 50/50 £14)
Indulgent Cream Filled Choux Pastry Topped with Luxury Chocolate Sauce
and Dusted with Icing Sugar

Salad bowls
Tomato and basil pasta – £16
Lightly spiced rice – £16
Superfood salads – £19
Potato salad – £16
Mixed leaves with lemon vinaigrette – £11

Tortilla chips platter £12
Lightly salted Tortilla chips served with hummus

Platters marked with 50/50 can be mixed with another platter to enable variety for smaller bookings.

Example menu for 25 people coming in at under 5.95 per person
3x standard sandwich platters
1x savoury platter
1x Tortilla chips platter
1x fruit platter
50/50 profiterole platter and cookie/Danish platter