Thank you for Your comments.

I was looking through a web site I was told about called street life. I was so amazed by the loverly comments on there. Thank you so much. Here’s a few of the them.

Bee l on street life Gravesend

Today, my first visit to Marie’s tea room in the High Street. What a gem of a place!

Cosy and homely, a huge varieties of loose and bagged tea, served in colourful teapots and china cups.. I had a croque Marie – toasted cheese sandwich which was very tasty – came with a posh salad too!

The cakes looked very inviting – just bought 4 homemade cupcakes home…
And it’s right next door to iconic pillars of old town hall – quite a setting

Sharon p street life

When visiting Gravesend for the Christmas market, (4 of us came over on the ferry), we went to Marie’s twice; once for lunch and we were so impressed that we returned later for tea & scones. If I were that way again, I would be tempted to try the afternoon tea as it looked very inviting

Joyia h

Marie’s café next to the Market in the High Street, a very courteous friendly place to meet and chat, different to usual Costas, lovely choice of teas too and home made cakes.

Joyia street life

How often do you take a walk down the High Street, too often people just use the main drag in the town and bypass this vital area. Just wanted to say Marie’s coffee shop next to the market serves a large range of interesting beverages and delicious home made cakes, well worth a visit if you have not already done so, and the adjacent flower shop sells very nice flowers and plants at half the price of many other stores. This part of town has a nice atmosphere which deserves to be patronised, so if you are walking along King Street take a left turn, there are some friendly extremely nice people waiting to serve

Ian w street life

Agreed Joyia. There are some independant shops that are worth a look in the High Street.
Flower Heaven, further down the High Street is a beautiful little shop,beautifully presented.
The Meeting place and Marie’s, lovely little cafe’s.
Equal earth, selling many different quality goods.
This area is where our farmers market should be, to entice ore people here.